Quotes Fantastic service from John, a very quick turn around with very reasonable rates. He has downgraded a couple of guns for me,and rebuilt a gun that I delivered to him in a shoebox. 10 out of 10. Quotes
Richard Jones

Quotes Sent my M4 for a check up after having some problems, Johnny kept me informed of everything that was being done and the condition of what was still in the gearbox. Very quick professional work, packaged brilliantly, VERY good service. Quotes
Matt Andrews

Quotes I wanted to build a c8/l119a1, so i decided to contact raptor airsoft to build it for me. After contacting them i found the service to be very help full, and they had a very good Knowledge of the parts that i would need and which parts would fit together best (makes),also helping me to source the parts i needed for the build, After all the the parts were sorted and sent to them i took about a week to get a finished gun. From the first email contacting them about the build to it being finished they provied a excellent and professional service, at a very good price.This now the second aeg i have sent and have one two more on the way, and would recommend any one who wants something as big as a full gun build to just and spring change to give raptor airsoft a try. Quotes

Quotes I asked johny to fit a mosfet in my masada, he picked the aeg up kept me informed all along the way show me pictures and videos of the work done. he took extra time and care to make sure the aeg was perfect fantastic service i cant recomend johny and raptor airsoft enough Quotes

Quotes I've asked JohnnyJ to do some work for me on a couple of GBBR's I own. He has taken time out of his busy schedule to complete the work and without him, I would have been stuck. he has managed to make effective repairs to anything I've presented him with. In short, the man's a technical mastermind! He tells me that he does the work more for the love of guns than for the love of money. With the prices he charges, that statement isn't difficult to believe at all. He is practically giving his time and effort away! Quotes
Not just AEG's

Quotes Sent my tm m14 to Raptor Airsoft as i wanted to upgrade it to semi auto sniper. After first getting in contact about the parts i would need for it, i ordered all my parts and with them and my m14 i sent them off. It was about a week later when i received it back and was extremely happy with the service i got and the gun was wounderful. From getting the correct parts to doing the work Raptor Airsoft help every step of along the way,they provided a very professional service. Josh Quotes

Quotes I gave a tm Sig Sauer 552 to Raptor Airsoft as a bucket of parts and expected it to probably be unworkable and returned. I recieved it back today and was completely shocked by its return, its brilliant! RA have done a brilliant job with it finding orignal parts and restoring the gun to its former glory. Im already finding my next AEG to send for atleast a service if not an upgrade! Quotes